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Substance Abuse Counseling

How to Effectively Recover from Substance Addiction


For someone who is fighting addiction, getting better and recovering may not seem to be a possibility - but it is. Whatever he or she is fighting for, will need all the effort, hard work and sacrifice that he/she can give. The good news is that, so many people have already been successful at doing this. Begin by having a concrete plan that you will be able to follow and complete until the end. Read below and find out ways in which you can become better and be where you want to be in life:


Select a treatment that can best work for you. The right treatment cannot be defined as a particular one, because everyone heals and recovers different. The treatment to be applied on an individual will be based on individual factors  such as the lifestyle, mental state and condition, and the type of substance that was abused. Getting in a Drug and Alcohol Rehab facility is the best action to take but it doesn't just have to be any facility, but the right one for you.


There are said to be many underlying problems that causes a person to be dangerously addicted to anything. It can be brought about by extreme stress that seem to be impossible to cope, relationship problems and other personal experiences. And if the underlying problem is identified and given the right resolution, that's when the 12 step programs works - if the treatment only and directly addresses the substance abused, then it's bound to fail and become useless. It's very important to understand that a drug recovery process does not finish within an hour of dealing with it - a process takes time, effort and patience.


When you decide that you want to change, it has to come personally from you and not from the people that surround you. And accepting the fact that there is a problem with drugs and addiction, is the key to being able to make and commit to the decision. Start by grabbing a piece of paper and listing down the good things that can happen if you weren't dependent on drugs. After that, take the time to list down all the negative things that took place in your life when you began being a drug addict. This piece of paper should not be kept in the shelves but rather brought with you wherever you go - it will be the constant reminder to change and choose to do right. Temptation can be hard to fight with, especially if it's something that you have been used to for a long time but with a tangible reminder with you, it can be possible to resist and fight the battle inside you. Find out more about drug rehabilitation here at